Book Review Submissions

To submit a book review for possible publication on the JMCD website, please see guidelines below. Submissions can be sent to:

  1. A book review gives a summary of the book

  2. A book review states the value of the book to those who may not have prior knowledge about its contents

  3. A book review examines strengths and weaknesses in a fair and non-biased way (unless stated otherwise)

  4. A book review helps potential readers decide if they want to read the book

Reviews Should Include

  1. Summary of what the book is about (e.g., what are its main topics/themes, purpose, and conclusion)

  2. Target audience of the book / intended readers

  3. How it contributes to the body of knowledge for the profession of counseling

  4. Positive elements of the book

  5. Areas for improvement (e.g., writing style, content)

  6. The reviewer’s viewpoint, including:

    1. A fair appraisal, discussing pros and cons of the book

    2. Statement of any factual errors in content with evidence to back up the claim (e.g., citation to other existing literature)

    3. Counterpoints to the author’s content from others in the field

    4. Reviewer’s and/or interpretations of the author’s content

    5. Comparisons to others work in the field

    6. The reviewer’s credentials and/or an explanation of the reviewer’s expertise (e.g., why should we care about this reviewer’s review/viewpoint?)

  7. Overall thoughts about the book

  8. Selected short quotations from the book that highlight the themes, style of writing, and/or tone

  9. A recommendation or reason for not recommending the reviewed book

  10. Any additional references used in critiquing the book or where supplemental information was found

Criteria for how JMCD reviews book reviews

  1. Is the review fair?

  2. Does it attempt to be critical, but without bias?

  3. Is the review original?

  4. Does the reviewer clearly understand the book subject matter/contents?

  5. Was research put into the review (e.g., examination of current literature, counterpoints, alternate views)?

  6. Is it organized well and structurally easy to read?

  7. Is it in APA format and does it contain proper grammar/spelling?

Book Review Format and Submission

Book reviews need an original title, which can incorporate the title of the book reviewed (e.g., Racial Discord in North Carolina - A Review of Timothy Tyson’s Blood Done Sign My Name).

  1. Length:

    750 words or less (includes reviewer information - name, affiliation, and references)

  2. Required formatting in APA:

    1. Double-spaced

    2. One inch margins

    3. 12 point Times New Roman or other Serif font

    4. One space only after periods

    5. File format should be Microsoft Word (no PDFs or other formats will be accepted)

    6. Left-justified

    7. Title page

    8. Quotations from book are important, but should be kept at a minimum

  3. Style

    1. Avoid use of “I,” “we,” and “this writer/author”

    2. Quotes should contain specific page numbers, per APA

    3. Use of tables and other graphical elements should not be included unless important to the review